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Alan Harris

Harris is a partner and Head of Advisory specialising in development

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    Alan is one of the UK’s leading mixed-use development consultants and leads the Advisory team at Montagu Evans. He has circa 20 years’ experience and is focused on setting the vision for transformative regeneration projects involving local authorities, the private sector and communities.

    The world is rapidly changing and amongst the fastest are those relating to how people communicate and interact with each other – not just online, but in physical environments such as schools, health, the workspaces and neighbourhoods we live in. Alan’s expertise lends itself to advising on a variety of integrated sectors and assets to deliver results for city and town centre visions.

    Real estate is a critical component to any town centre and how it’s owned, funded, operated and occupied. Alan helps to bridge relationships between many local authorities with current or new investors wanting to invest capital.

    Alan’s role in supporting greater collaboration between the public and private sector, in addition to managing the needs of the community, has been key to his and the team’s success. As government focus on commercialisation continues, public sector intervention will increase and those in the private sector can’t deliver risk-appropriate returns for stand-alone developments and repurposing.

    Key Skills

    • Bringing clear advice to complex multi stakeholder projects
    • Setting out the critical decision making process and supporting clients to make difficult decisions
    • Relationship management between public and private sector stakeholders
    • Developing business cases for public sector led intervention
    • Master planning and vision setting


    • Surrey Heath Borough Council
    • Slough Borough Council
    • Shropshire Council
    • Cherwell District Council
    • Homes England
    • Legal & General
    • Knight Frank Investors