Environmental Policy


Montagu Evans LLP is committed to using its control and influence to reduce the environmental impacts of its business activities. This includes our direct business operations (e.g. offices, business travel), our upstream supply chain, and the downstream, ‘legacy’ or ‘advised’ impacts of our client services.

Why does Montagu Evans care? Our motivation is two-fold. Firstly, environmental issues present material financial risks and opportunities to us and our clients. It is key to our day-to-day operational success and increasingly fundamental to how we keep our clients and staff numerous and happy. Secondly, it impacts us as individuals, our families and friends, our communities and wider society. Issues such as climate change and ecosystem decline are already immensely problematic and in many cases worsening rapidly. And whilst real estate is a major pillar of modern society, it is also responsible for some significant negative impacts. Montagu Evans wants to be an active participant in and enabler of real estate transitioning to a sustainable and low-carbon model.


Below we outline our core environmental commitments for both our business operations and client services.

Business operations:

  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution;
  • Meet and, where possible and appropriate, exceed the requirements of relevant legislation;
  • Minimise impacts of energy and water consumption, resource use and waste generated in our business operations;
  • Pursue an ambitious net zero carbon pathway;
  • Reduce resource use in our leased offices through responsible procurement practices;
  • Encourage adoption of sustainable practices within our supply chain;
  • Provide excellent and ongoing environmental learning and development to all our staff;
  • Maintain transparency on our environmental impacts and progress towards our commitments.

Client Services:

  • Deepen the integration of environmental issues into the advice we give to our clients;
  • Seek to create new services that respond to genuine market and environmental need(s);
  • Conduct research and produce market-leading sustainability insight for our clients and the wider market; and,
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with our clients and the wider industry to innovate, learn together and push forward on sustainability.


This Policy applies to all departments and teams, and all our employees are responsible for its implementation.

To support us in achieving our commitments, we have developed and certified quality and environmental management systems in line with ISO 9001 and 14001, respectively. Objectives and programmes have been developed to deliver on our commitments. These are subject to regular monitoring to determine progress and are reviewed on an annual basis as a minimum to ensure continual improvement. Montagu Evans will routinely communicate performance against our objectives and programmes internally and externally. This Policy is freely available to any interested parties upon request. The Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis as a minimum.