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At our firm, the owners of the business do the work, meet the clients and have the freedom to assemble their own teams to suit each unique requirement. This highly flexible and collaborative approach, tailoring the talent to the complexity of the work, has enabled us to develop a business that has spanned nearly a century.

Our work encompasses advisory, commercial & agency and planning, historic environment & townscape services.


Planning & Historic Environment

Our commercial planning, historic environment and townscape team draw its success from some of the brightest talents in the industry. The team’s experience spans a mix of complex public and private sector projects across a range of uses, combining housing, regeneration, repurposing, and health and commercial advice in one place.

Our skilled experts dedicate their time to building an in-depth knowledge of the political landscape, the local communities they work in, the existing and emerging policies impacting development opportunities and their relationships with decision-makers and other stakeholders. They enable change and ensure the successful delivery of schemes throughout the UK.

Our 20+ strong in-house heritage team advise on all aspects of cultural heritage, townscape and design-related matters, including adding commercial value within the historic environment.




Our advisory experts are at the heart of planning and development strategies and use their expertise to extract and unlock value for our clients to help them achieve and exceed their objectives.

With experience across the private and public sectors, we represent developers, investors, and landowners together with a range of public bodies, giving our teams unique exposure and an ability to draw upon our vast range of skills and expertise, with a particular skill in bringing the public and private sector together.

We work to interpret policy to maximise benefits for our clients, counsel them to achieve their goals, and support critical thinking to improve the performance of assets, simplify complex problems and create solutions.

Our advisory department is made up of 6 teams which cover:

  • Asset and Investment Advisory | advise owners on asset management and repurposing;
  • Strategic Advisory | advice to the public and private sector on delivering their medium to long-term objectives through the lifecycle of a development project;
  • Rating Advisory | minimising the costs of re-development for landowners and developers through a targeted rating strategy
  • Development Advisory | helping progress the transformation, development and regeneration of major urban mixed-use projects
  • Residential Valuation Advisory | supporting developers value land be that for viability, acquisition, disposal of land, development and operational assets
  • Valuation Advisory | providing clear valuation advice across public and private property portfolios



Commercial & Agency

Combining experts from lease advisory, consultancy, investment and agency in both the landowner/landlord and occupier space, we operate a collaborative, sector-focused commercial and transactional team with a ‘consult to transact’ ethos.

Our Industrial and Logistics, Retail and Leisure, Offices and Living teams advise, acquire and sell with a collective view to ensure we can deliver a strong return and provide robust advice under a range of scenarios or performing sectors.

In each of our Commercial and Agency teams, we offer sector-focused expertise in four key services:

  • Agency – Our leasing and agency teams provide input into marketing and targeting pre-lets to help reduce your letting risk. They offer unique insight into both the occupier and landlord markets across their specialist sectors to assist in the transaction of assets.
  • Investment – Our investment team’s knowledge of local markets and their close network of advisers enables us to successfully purchase or sell properties that meet our client’s tightly defined criteria.
  • Lease Advisory – Our lease advisory teams provide detailed technical knowledge, expert witness support if needed, and market insight in undertaking rent reviews, lease renewals, and lease restructures to ensure optimum returns and savings for landlords and occupiers.
  • Development – Integrated into our commercial teams are development specialists who look at all alternative use options to underwrite each asset’s value and maximise returns.