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Housing delivery has become one of the most pressing issues of a generation, for public and private sector landowners as much as those looking to bring forward new private and affordable homes.

Targets may be disputed but remain high, and improvements to the planning system to speed up delivery are frequently discussed. Cost and viability remain a concern while engaging with and gaining the trust of local communities are essential. Placemaking is equally important, with DHULC setting standards to ensure that high-quality homes play a crucial role in delivering healthier, long-term and sustainable environments to live, work and socialise.

We thrive on the fact that there is no “one size fits all” approach to identifying and bringing forward development opportunities. At the heart of everything are access to landowners, interpretation of market data and a clear understanding of objectives on all sides. We then bring together the right minds to collaborate on each individual task. First to assess supply, return and expectations on viability and planning consent, and offer an honest and holistic assessment on purpose, use and build. Then to advise on how best to bring proposals forward, including overcoming challenges and making the most of opportunities. This is where our teams add the greatest value.

We are often asked about addressing particular areas:

  • How to unlock public and private land and assets, and whether to repurpose them for a greater value?
  • How to add value for landowners while ensuring more homes are built where needed?
  • How to deliver a robust housing programme given the increasing expectations for greater affordable housing requirements, evolving building standards and other viability constraints?
  • How to understand wider housing requirements and their value including housing alternatives such as senior living, build-to-rent, student, education and healthcare?
  • How to treat heritage assets in the provision of new housing?
  • How to fit housing into town centre regeneration and placemaking plans?
  • How to create more resilience in the market by supporting smaller builders and new entrants?
  • How to promote better design and higher quality homes during the delivery process?
  • How to deliver ambitious council plans and masterplanning visions?
  • How to develop financial modelling and clear valuations to ensure the best value for all stakeholders?
  • How to engage effectively with stakeholders at all levels?
  • How to create a long-term income stream from housing sector projects?

Working with public and private sector landowners, councils and developers as well as a range of professional service providers such as architects, project managers and lawyers, we bring together some of the brightest minds exposed to strategic land, change of use, development, acquisition and disposal, alternative uses, joint ventures and partnerships to deliver the best possible outcome.

"I've worked with Montagu Evans for a number of years through different market cycles with differing Workspace assets. The nature of our portfolio regeneration is complex and each asset requires a different structure. The Montagu Evans team always considers our objectives and has to date surpassed our expectations with the advice provided and their knowledge of the target market in changing cycles." Workspace Plc

Marshgate Stratford - Housing
  • Key fact: Helping to deliver 17,000 homes in the UK and unearthing over £500m of land value in 12 months.
  • Key fact: Total advisory land platform £1bn land £3bn GDV.
  • Key fact: 130 Acres of brownfeld land for redevelopment.


Development Consultancy. Planning. Heritage. Rating. Valuation. Land. Investment. CPO. MASTERPLANNING. VIABILITY. regeneration. strategic land. affordable housing.

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Repurposed Industrial Estate, Marshgate Stratford

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