Dora House senior care and private rented development

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Central & Cecil

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The redevelopment of Dora House on St John’s Wood Road opposite Lords is an example of how residential properties in the area are being redeveloped to capitalise on the growing strength of demand for prime Central London residential. It also shows how development proposals for this area are having to adapt quickly in response to changing market conditions to retain prime position.

Central & Cecil Housing Association (CCHA), advised by Montagu Evans, agreed a circa. £60m joint venture on its 60 St John’s Wood Road site with Regal Homes to allow for the development of a luxury residential development – architect Make. As part of the agreement, Regal will develop for CCHA a new sheltered housing development one street away on Lodge Road to provide 156 homes catering exclusively for senior living – architect Ryder. Plans were recently approved to increase the number of apartments in the scheme from 44 to 60 while broadly keeping to the established principle of height on the site.

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