Poplar DLR Depot over Site Development. Samuel Blake.

Housing, Transport & Infrastructure, Development Consultancy, Planning, Valuation, Viability

Transport for London

This project was also worked on by Ben Dziczkaniece who is a Senior surveyor, specialising in Development & Valuation Consultancy.

Key information

Montagu Evans attended regular project meetings over the course of nine months, with consultants working closely together to solve the technical issues around delivering a deck and development above, as well as a new bridge link over, Aspen Way directly into Canary Wharf Crossrail station.

The team reviewed all potential uses and identified the most viable Over Depot Development (ODD) mix including up to 2,000 homes within a mixed use scheme, as well as phasing approach and affordable housing distribution. Working with KPMG we also identified potential Joint Venture structures and ran master appraisals to identify viability. 30 developers and contractors were approached with whom were considered to take on a role in delivering the development as part of a soft market testing process.


High Speed 2 framework supplier. Tim Earl.

Transport & Infrastructure, Compulsory Purchase Order, Planning, Rating, Valuation

High Speed 2 Limited

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