The voice of authority – TfL – Making use of transport hubs to shape successful places

24 Jun 2021More information: Town Centres, Transport & Infrastructure


Zoom Webinar

The Voice of Authority is hosting a series of webinars on Transport for London related planning and development issues, this being episode three of the series. TfL owns over 2,000 commercial premises across London, accommodating offices, shops and other businesses, which has resulted in TfL facing many questions on the future of their portfolio. They now have to decide on the best use of their transport hubs, to help shape successful places.

This webinar will focus on: the potential role of transport hubs in revitalizing high streets and how tenants can be encouraged to support each other to develop a local business ecosystems. How balancing tenant mixes, community uses/affordable workspace will also be covered, as housing usually takes center stage.

Development and Regeneration Partner John Percy, will be joined by speakers from Transport for London and Lambeth Council.

Click here to view the recording of the event.

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