Corporate Social Responsibility

Montagu Evans Believes…

As a partnership, we believe it is not only our outstanding talent that maintains our reputation but also ensures we meet the highest ethical standards when carrying out our business activities. As such, we are committed to recognising and acting on areas affecting skills and diversity, the wellbeing of our people, and our environment and ensuring we create healthy, happy places.


Promoting skills and diversity – we aim to:

  • increase recruitment from non-cognate backgrounds;
  • improve equality and diversity of gender, BAME and LGBTQ community throughout the partnership; and
  • deliver a talent development programme which establishes long-term relationships with students from under-represented backgrounds.

Wellbeing of our people – we aim to:

  • create an environment where people can always prioritise their wellbeing;
  • offer competitive benefits that support our people and their work/life balance and interests; and
  • deliver a learning and development programme to promote and maintain the priority of wellbeing and mental health.

Protecting our environment – we aim to:

  • commit to reducing, reusing and recycling through regular education programmes;
  • commit to delivering ISO 14001 sustainability standards; and
  • consistently measure and reduce our travel/CO2 omissions.

To create healthy and happy places – we aim to:

  • commit to delivering healthy places;
  • ensure involvement in influential government and private sector networks to encourage debate and change; and
  • ensure to support and maintain the education of “green” schemes and assets across the UK.

Our net zero carBon commitments

The scientific community has clearly stated the need to reach Net Zero global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by mid-century in order to limit global temperatures to 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels and to reduce the destructive impacts of climate change on human society and nature.

Montagu Evans is committed to being a responsible business and aims to help achieve this ambitious goal through our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy and our Net Zero Carbon (NVZ) commitments are just one element of that.

It is important to us that we share our Net Zero Carbon (NZC) Commitments, giving our stakeholders the opportunity to be involved in the journey, track our progress, and provide feedback. The report below presents our intended route to NZC and details how we are taking responsibility for our own impact on the environment whilst enhancing value to our people and our clients. Click below to read the full report.

montagu evans declares a climate and ecological emergency

There is a pressing need for everyone to play their part in accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future.

Montagu Evans cares about people, legacy and places.

  • We commit to decarbonise our operations and supply chain, which includes reshaping how we serve clients, sustaining reductions in travel and increasing the use of zero-carbon energy.
  • We will embed the implications of climate change and other Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related factors across the work we do with clients, from strategy to implementation.
  • We will adhere to corporate reporting standards that Include comprehensive non-financial reporting practices.
  • We commit to aid research and collaboration with other businesses, policymakers and organisations to accelerate the transition to a Net Zero Economy.

Over the coming months, and now as part of Business Declares, we will share these plans with colleagues, clients and contacts, raising awareness further, working collaboratively and creating more opportunities for change.

We will introduce more education, training and support; we will increase research and thought leadership, and we will scale up action through industry and policy engagement.