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Continued public and private sector collaboration will offer resilience to rebuild. Those that embrace change and look to adapt that will not only survive but thrive in this new world.

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The world is constantly changing, but not all charges are equal. Major shocks such as World Wars or the Great Depression left society and the global economy reeling, but Covid-19 is different. It is fast moving and indiscriminate, it has exposed the fragilities and the strengths of our communities and has led to unprecedented interventions by world governments.

It can feel like we’re in the darkness now, but with every change there is light. We are rediscovering our community spirit and placing renewed value on human interaction and shared purpose. We are reflecting on our priorities and the extent to which this crisis might lead to a reshaping and reimagining of the world: the opportunities that change enables.

The public sector is leading the way with decisive action and decision-making, responding to health threats, keeping core services going and supporting the business community. It is providing the safety net that it should in a crisis with some superhuman efforts. And all across the private sector are countless examples of support from discounted coffees to keeping supermarket shelves stocked and repurposing production lines for vital supplies. This collaboration, this working together, this positive sharing of skills and expertise all represent the very best of partnerships.

Change has, and will, take effect. But what measures us is how we react and positively harness that change. We have the chance to learn, and to build on new relationships that have worked well. Continued collaboration across the public and private sectors will help us to get through this and, no doubt, will create new opportunities for the future.

Together, we can do great things.

Together, we are Montagu Evans.


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