Transforming the future of Brentwood Town Centre. Adrian Peachey.

Healthcare, Offices, Retail & Leisure, Town Centre, Development Consultancy, Investment, Property Management

Brentwood Council

This project was worked on by the following people, working in partnership from across our business…

  • Adrian Peachey Partner, Commercial Agency and Advisory
  • Dominic Ball Associate, Commercial Agency and Advisory
  • John Tinley Partner, Property Management
  • Matt Moran Associate, Commercial Agency and Advisory
  • Dan Peake Partner, Commercial Agency and Advisory
  • Simon Rogers Head of Recovery and Restructuring, Development & Valuation Consultancy
  • Kevin White Head of Education Sector Partner, Development & Valuation Consultancy

Key information

We advised Brentwood Council on the purchase of a 125,000 sq ft shopping centre in the heart of Brentwood Town centre from CTI for £11 million (£90 per sqft Capital Value). We worked closely with the council to produce a repositioning business plan, which will see the development of a town centre master plan with the Brentwood Development Partnership. The new mixed-use scheme will include residential, hotel, cinema, restaurant & bar, health, co-working office and convenience retail facilities with an end GDV of £45 million.

Our cross sector team also advised on the purchase of a 100,000 sq ft office building called, Academy Place Brentwood, for £14 million, as part of a joint deal with The Baytree Centre. The council, having lost 50% of their office space in the Borough through Permitted Development Rights, acquired the building for employment protection reasons and to further boost the Town Centre regeneration.

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