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Diversity at Montagu Evans

As a Partnership we embrace individuality, we have to! Having so many owners in a business means we need to work together, communicate and agree under a range of circumstances.

And we don't mean just to function. We bring together different skills and experiences that impact our teams and the clients we work with. All characters are unique, someone's strength is anothers weakness, introverts vs extraverts, and we need that! A diverse team compliments our diverse client base. We learn from each other, we evolve and we bring in those that are like-minded, ambitious and wanting to shape a long-term career. 

We're a Partnership. We're built on the trust, value and support of our people - that's why, at almost 100 years young, our Partnership continues to thrive and attract the best talent in the industry. 

"Creates a family type atmosphere with true team cohesion. This is unlike any other working environment I have experienced in the past."Anonymous feedback from Property Week's 2018 Best Places to Work

Take a look at our 2018 diversity strategy >

Our ultimate goal is to create a workplace that is reflective of wider society – one where all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation, feel respected and able to fulfil their career goals without any real, or perceived, barrier.

Fundamentally our aim is to create a workplace where diversity is no longer on the agenda, because it is only then that we will have created a community where no issues with diversity exist! We appreciate that this is unlikely to become the status quo for some years yet, but it is important to recognise the ultimate reasons that we are embarking on this project. 

In the shorter term, we have set the following broad goals in order to focus our efforts:

  • Hire a more diverse range of people – both graduate level, and experienced hires
  • Promote a more diverse range of people
  • Retain a more diverse group of people (with a particular focus on women at senior levels returning after having children)

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