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As a partnership, people are at the heart of what we do – they solve our clients' problems.

However, we believe it is not only our outstanding talent that maintains our reputation but also ensuring we meet the highest ethical standards when carrying out our business activities. As such, we are committed to recognising and acting on areas effecting our local community, environment, work and market place.

With over 90 Partners, our ‘flat’ management structure ensures we have a flexible, responsible and hands-on approach. We encourage innovation and creativity in all we do.

Employee care:

  • All employees have a responsibility – At Montagu Evans we believe we all have a responsibility in creating an open, inclusive, professional and trusting work environment. These characteristics are therefore reflected and recognised in those we recruit and promote.

  • We consider the future of our people - Operating a diverse and inclusive graduate programme is central to our recruitment and employee development. We understand a clear progression path will retain our best talent and as such we are proud that many of our current partners are home-grown graduates.

  • An equal opportunities employer - Our teams include the best minds and talent around and are free from discrimination as an equal opportunities employer.

  • Communication is key - We encourage clear communication between all parties at all times, both internally and externally. As part of our CSR commitment we encourage the greatest possible degree of transparency throughout the business.

Protecting the environment:

We lead by example and provide good environmental advice and guidance in relation to client projects. As such we believe in:

  • The simple steps - At Montagu Evans we learn fast by taking simple practical steps and we are adopting this approach to reducing our long-term environmental impact.

  • The need to minimise our carbon footprint – Addressing the importance and impact of our business footprint, we have not only devised a regular auditing and assessment of our own level of sustainability, but have also identified key objectives to continually improve year on year. A few examples:

    • We’re working hard to reduce our print waste and have introduced new systems to transfer paper based content onto digital platforms.

    • We have enforced a strict recycling policy with easily accessible waste bins.

    • We regularly review our energy consumption introducing changes such as low power displays to energy efficient lighting.

    • Engage our employees with incentives such as cycle to work, indoor cycling storage and fully refurbished showers to help minimise car travel.





Community spirit:

"We believe everyone should have access to safe and secure homes"

Which is why our Partners and employees have nominated to support two charities which embody exactly that:

Habitat for Humanity (London)

Habitat for Humanity are a humanitarian organisation established in 1976 focused on long-term development, aid and poverty alleviation. Their mission is to build a safe enviornment where families and communities can thrive. Their objectives being "access to safe, decent and affordable housing is a basic human right that should be available to everyone".

Our fundraising efforts support the refurbishment of one of their Housing for Women's Refuges projects in London for women fleeing domestic violence. 

Ronald McDonald House (Scotland)

Ronald McDonald Homes works with families who are supporting children who require specialist medical care by providing free 'home away from home' accommodation at children's hospitals across the UK, enabling families to stay close to their child and maintain a degree of normal family life. 

We are working with Ronald McDonald House to develop a variety of initiatives for fundraising events and activities and to facilitate volunteer opportunities for our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices at the Ronald McDonald House at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow and, when it is completed later in 2018, the Ronald McDonald facility at the Royal Hospital for Children in Edinburgh.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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