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Retail, Advertising, Football & Master Chef

This past month at Montagu Evans has been very diverse indeed and I have found myself involved in multiple interesting projects.

These include Section 106 contributions for a large scale residential in Brighton, listed building research in Kensington, a submission of a planning application for an advertisement consent on Regent Street, and conducting a retail survey in Walton in Surrey to advise a client on the possibility of obtaining change of use in the town centre. [more] I also undertook a heritage assessment at an old National Grid gasworks site in Borehamwood, most of which was decommissioned, however the gasworks still provided the local town with gas. 

Additionally, I was back at the Ram Brewery site, again conducting a more comprehensive heritage assessment of the site prior to redevelopment, when I stumbled across the Master Chef studio (see photo attached). It was unfortunate they were not filming that day as I think I could have been a surprise competitor with a good chance of making it to the final with my patented ‘beans on toast’ recipe. 

Finally, I was part of the 5-a-side team that competed at the Wrenbridge World Cup tournament, a competitive networking event some might say. Although some teams were more interested than scoring goals rather than scoring clients.

Anthony Brogan



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