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Increasing commercial awareness & developing understanding

Over the past couple of weeks I have assisted in producing fee proposals and tenders to try and win new work for the planning department. This has increased my commercial awareness of how we bid for new work and how we market out services. This has developed my understanding of how we calculate our fees and rates as well as adopting new writing skills in order to promote our services. This experience was really insightful into understanding the marketing side of the business. We are now waiting to find out if the bids were successful - fingers crossed!

Last week I was given the opportunity to go on a site visit to a listed building. I am currently writing the planning statement for an application at the site so it was really useful to see the site and understand the scope of works.  The building is Grade II listed, and contains various historical features of significance.  The application will comprise of restoration works. It was really insightful to visit the site and the visit will make it easier to write the planning statement. For most projects I normally have the opportunity to go to the site which is really helpful to understanding the context of the scheme and it’s great that graduates have the opportunity to be so involved with projects.

Lucy Mills, Planning

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