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From intern to Graduate…

After completing the Montagu Evans summer internship in 2016, I was excited to see how life differed from a graduate to an intern. I can safely say that my first month as a Montagu Evans graduate, has already been rewarding, exciting and non-stop!

From day one, it was clear that as a graduate you are given an array responsibility and the opportunity to work on some pretty big projects. Already I’ve been lucky enough to be placed on some brilliant schemes, which have not only developed my knowledge of the planning system but has enabled me to be an active member of a project team. I have also attended my first APC event and have meetings set up with my mentor to get the ball rolling on my log book! I’m sure with the amount of projects I’ve worked on already, filling the log book up won’t be too much of an issue! 
The attitude at Monty’s of getting you out and socialising has definitely not changed between being an intern and a graduate. Since starting the company, we have been lucky enough as graduates to go on some pretty fun team bonding trips. One of my personal highlights was the Crystal maze, which involved challenges within groups to complete the classic maze. As captain of the red team (the overall winners of the day- if anyone needed reminding…) I can safely say that outings such as these will stay with me throughout my career. I have also experienced my first Monties Meets, which was a great opportunity to get to know others within the company on a more informal level. Even after a month in, the social events are coming in thick and fast and I’m excited to see what the away trip to Marseille with the planning team has to offer. 
So after a month, what are my two top tips for any new graduate starting at Montagu Evans? 
  • Get stuck in! Embrace the culture of Monties and take every opportunity available to you. You will be surprised how much you can learn from others in such a short space of time! 
  • Always ask questions – they really don’t bite! 
Nadine James, Graduate, Planning

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